Bring the Power of Data Insights at Your Event with SmartOne

The all-in-one solution for delegates, exhibitors, and event organisers.

Optimise Your Event Through Data Analytics

Designed to answer the needs of delegates, exhibitors, and event organisers, SmartOne empowers you with data insights for your event.

  • Unlock insights through new data dimension of indoor location positioning.

  • Feel the pulse of the event through live data dashboard.

  • Deep dive into the performance of the event via post-event data analysis.

Onsite Check-in & Registration

  • Create positive first impressions

    With Occam Lab’s robust, no-fuss contactless check-in and registration system that has been deployed at several conferences and exhibitions.

  • Designed to be self-service

    Delegates check-in via unique QR code or email address. Then activate their SmartOne event tag.

  • API integration

    We integrate with other registration platforms such as Cvent and Gevme for real-time updates.

Conferences & Roundtables

  • Automated Attendance Tracking

    Gain insights into ballroom occupancy, and session retention without involving part timers to scan QR codes at the entry/exits.

  • Access Control

    Have sessions with restricted access? SmartOne provides quick and simple access verification to grant or deny access.

  • Live Polls and Q&A

    Delegates can participate in live polls and submit their interest for Q&A participation. Q&A moderators could also view the list of delegates and their profile.

Smartest tool for Your Event

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  • Contact Exchange

    Delegates may exchange contact information simply by scanning each other’s SmartOne, and obtain a digital business card. Works directly on Android and iOS.

  • Personalised Digital Business Cards

    Delegates may personalise and update their digital business cards to determine what contact information is shared.


  • Lead Collection

    Exhibitors can collect and qualify leads onsite, then download reports for follow-ups post event.

  • Tap to Interact

    Through the action of tapping their SmartOne Nametags, delegates can perform multiple actions such as collect booth materials, or participate in lucky draw.

Analytics & Data Reporting

  • Post-Event Analysis

    Visualise trends and patterns through reports generated for your event.

  • Live Dashboard

    Gain access to important onsite information with a personalised dashboard for your event.


  • Rotation System

    Token and receivers rotation minimises hardware requirements and in turn, the environment footprint.

  • Waste Reduction

    Interactions such as digital contact exchange and tap to interact remove the need for physical handout, instantly reducing paper waste.

  • Extended Lifespan

    With a battery lifespan of up to two
    years, SmartOne can be deployed across numerous events, promoting resource efficiency.


Witness the captivating moments at SmartOne's inaugural event — Singapore International Water Week Spotlight 2023.

Smooth Check-in Experience: Attendees effortlessly scan their SmartOne tokens at the check-in counter.

Personalised and Professional: Thanks to SmartOne's no-fuss check-in process, attendees quickly receive their printed name badges.

Seamless Interaction: Attendees have their SmartOne scanned at redemption counters to receive their welcome gifts at the event.

Connecting Beyond Boundaries: Attendees easily exchange contact information by scanning SmartOne tokens, fostering meaningful connections at the event.

Real-Time Attendee Engagement: Attendees actively participate in live polls using SmartOne, shaping the event experience through instant feedback and interaction.

Changing the Game: SmartOne makes its debut at SIWW Spotlight 2023, revolutionising event experiences with cutting-edge technology and data insights.

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